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CNC Precision Machining

Precision in Every Cut, Perfection in Every Component.

Rootech’s CNC Precision Machining translates your designs into reality with utmost accuracy. Leveraging advanced equipment and experienced engineers, we deliver flawlessly executed components that align perfectly with your project needs.

A close-up view of a meticulously machined metal component with various chambers and pathways, indicative of a sophisticated engine part.


Rootech boasts state-of-the-art advanced multi-axis CNC milling and CNC turning centres, capable of creating intricate, high-precision components. Backed by our skilled workforce with their meticulous attention to details, we combine cutting-edge technology with a process-driven approach and exceptional workmanship to bring your designs into reality with precision.

A metal cutting tool in action with coolant splashes, highlighting precision engineering.

Multi-axis CNC Milling

Enabling us to precisely cut and finish raw materials, transforming intricate designs into perfectly-crafted components with high degree of precision


Close-up of a metal component being crafted with precision on an industrial machine.

CNC Turning

Ensuring precision manufacturing of revolution components with our state-of-the-art multi-axis, live-tooling CNC turning centres.


Handling an extensive range of materials, we specialise in Aluminium, Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Exotic Alloys and various Engineering Polymers. Whether your project requires the durability of Titanium or the lightweight efficiency of Aluminium, we've got you covered.

Our Process

Rootech stands for a process grounded in quality and precision. We start with understanding your unique requirements, then apply expert design and engineering

1. discovery

Understanding client needs, assessing feasibility and project scope.

2. confirmation

Finalising designs, materials, and timelines after client discussion.


Providing detailed cost breakdown based on design and production complexity.

4. production

CNC machinery crafts precise, high-quality products from selected materials.

5. inspection

Rigorous quality check ensuring design accuracy and impeccable finish.

6. delivery

Safely shipping finished product, ensuring timely and secure arrival.

Contact us

Reach out to us with inquiries, project ideas, or feedback. Our dedicated team is eager to assist and bring your CNC visions to life. Connect today!