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3D Scanning In

Transforming Reality into Virtuality with Precision

Experience the future of dimensional accuracy with our 3D Scanning services. We harness advanced technology to capture highly precise, intricate details of physical objects. A seamless process that flawlessly converts real-world elements into digital 3D models.

A hand holding a 3D scanner aimed at a complex metal object highlighted with red scanning lines.

our capabilities

Our 3D scanning technology ensures high-resolution capture, providing accurate, detailed, and quick data for your complex projects.

High-Resolution Capture

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology, we deliver detailed 3D scans for precise measurements.


Our efficient scanning process guarantees prompt results, speeding up your project timeline.


We can scan objects of various sizes and complexities, adapting to the specific requirements of each project.

Data Optimization

Our 3D scanning service offers robust data optimization, enabling seamless integration with CAD and CAM systems.

Our Process

Rootech stands for a process grounded in quality and precision. We start with understanding your unique requirements, then apply expert design and engineering

1. discovery

Understanding client needs, assessing feasibility and project scope.

2. confirmation

Finalising designs, materials, and timelines after client discussion.


Providing detailed cost breakdown based on design and production complexity.

5. inspection

Rigorous quality check ensuring design accuracy and impeccable finish.

6. delivery

Safely shipping finished product, ensuring timely and secure arrival.

Contact us

Reach out to us with inquiries, project ideas, or feedback. Our dedicated team is eager to assist and bring your CNC visions to life. Connect today!